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Although we live in a digital age, the impact of printed branding and promotional items such as a brochure, business card, catalog, banner etc. are still significant. More importantly, their impact is only likely to increase. Irvine postcard printing is one of those important services every business should consider. With that said, let’s take a look at why your business needs to think about postcard printing in Irvine.


01.   They are affordable

Postcard printing in Orange County is substantially affordable than many of you think. If you end up with a good printer company in Irvine, you can get those prints done at a very affordable price. Because of this affordability, postcard printing in Newport Beach could be a superb marketing method even for startups.


02.   They deliver measurable results

One of the key aspects of a good marketing campaign is measurability. This is perfectly applicable to postcard campaigns. That is because you know the exact number of postcards mailed and the inquiries you have received as a result. Also, you can track the new sales that are generated through this campaign. For this very reason, postcards are a good option for test marketing as well.


03.   They are versatile

The limit to the versatility of the postcards is your imagination. That means you can use it to promote any product or service, announce seasonal offers, use as a coupon, an invitation to a tradeshow, an entry pass to an event or anything else you can imagine. It can even be used as a tool to drive traffic towards a website, blog or a social media account.


04.   The impact is high

It is needless to say that a postcard is a single card and not a folded leaflet. So, they can create a high impact on the user with a strong impression at once. In other words, postcards address straight to the point. However, to make it effective, you must get a professional postcard printing in Costa Mesa. The design, quality, and creativity of the postcard matter a lot when it comes to creating a positive first impression on the customer.


05.   They are tangible

One of the key reasons behind the efficiency of postcards is their tangibility. Compared to an email or an e-flyer, postcards can be touched by hand and the receiver tends to respond to it with some seriousness. However, you must ask your printer company to print the postcard in quality paper and have an eye-catching design to make it more effective.


06.   They are personalized

Each postcard you send is addressed to a particular person with their names and addresses on it. This personalized feeling can encourage the recipient to treat it seriously and believe in its information. This is not the case with emails (they are virtual).


In addition to that, there are plenty of other benefits associated with a well-planned postcard campaign. One of the important things you should consider in this case is that your postcards should be printed by a professional printer company and have an excellent design.

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