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Irvine Custom Presentation Folders

Using presentation folders is not a new concept at all for businesses. In fact, businesses have used them for decades. Over the past period, the concept of using an Irvine presentation folder has become a norm for any business which is focused on branding. The main purpose of using a presentation folder in Irvine is to manage the documents which are important. However, when used correctly, a presentation folder can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. A well-designed presentation folder done by a good Irvine printing company can bring significant attention to your company. When presented during a meeting, workshop, seminar or presentation, a presentation folder can play the role of your representative to create a strong impression on prospective clients.

In general, any printing company in Irvine will produce folders with plastic or paper. Although the design of the folder can be done with various shapes, the most popular shape is a rectangular shape. However, the dimensions can vary depending on the requirement of the company they represent. A4 and letter-sized presentation folders are very common in the business world but other sizes are also used. If you choose to go for an odd size or an unusual shape, the cost per folder will be high. So, if you want to cut down costs, the best approach is to stick to a standard size.

Generally, folders com with two parts (or sides). In the printing world, these sides or parts may be recognized as panels. If you need, you can increase the number of panels but the cost will be high. You may even choose a folder design with pockets or slits so the users can store important documents with ease. For instance, the user can store items like brochures, business cards, flyers, catalogs etc. inside the folder (this is specifically handy during workshops, exhibitions, tradeshows etc.).

Some folders are designed for general purposes while others can come with a specific theme or a purpose. For instance, a certificate folder is something that can be recognized as a folder designed for a specific purpose. Folders that are designed to handle general tasks can be used to store and manage documents in an organized manner.

When it comes to functionality, presentation folders are very handy. Anyone will love to have folders in their office room considering the value. Apart from its main use, presentation folders come with an advertising value as well. Thanks to the large surfaces they have, you can display a large number of details on the folders in a prominent manner. In most cases, well-designed folders don’t get thrown away easily so your brand is likely to be promoted freely by the bearer.

The quality of the design and the paper can play a vital role. If you choose a very professional design with high-quality material, you can create a strong first impression on the user about your company. However, they can do more harm than good if you choose a cheap-looking material and a rookie-level design.

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