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Printed materials play a vital role when it comes to promoting a business and branding it. There is no shortage of options to consider when it comes to printed materials. With that said, this article reveals the most effective printed materials that should be printed through a professional OC printing company.


01.   Brochures

In most cases, the term ‘printed promotional materials’ is synonymous with ‘brochures’. As we believe, brochures are an exceptionally effective promotional material that can also be considered as a branding tool. Let’s take a look at an example; just look at your office table, inside the cupboard or a drawer and see the number of brochures you may have. These brochures can somehow find a way to most prominent places like your office table, boardroom, etc. An attractive brochure hardly ends up in the dustbin. The key to the success of a brochure is its design. A professional, simplified design can help you remember the name of the vendor.


02.   Product catalogs

Another powerful printed material you can get printed by an Orange County printing company is product catalog. Although the catalogs were not that attractive during the old days, things have changed considerably as of now. Modern-day catalogs come with a smaller size, top-notch designs and excellent choice of materials as well. These catalogs are exceptionally powerful when it comes to branding as they can target the buyers and prospects.


03.   Business Cards

Even if there are various digital tools to advertise your business and brand it, the influence of business cards cannot be underestimated. Pretty much all the printing companies in Orange County offer this service. This can be the most versatile tool that can deliver your messages for individuals, brands, and departments. Business cards become incredibly helpful when it comes to person-to-person networking. When two individuals from different companies meet up, business cards are shared as a habit. Moreover, business cards are often kept on desktops so they play the role of a miniature billboard for your company. However, the business card you choose must have a very professional and unique appearance.


04.   Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail promotions are still popular despite the availability of modern-day online campaigns. Professional OC printing services can offer you high-quality picture postcards that are incredibly effective for your business. The best thing about direct mail postcards is that they gain easy access to the house or the office of the prospective clients. So, they get the attention of the client easily. In addition to that, postcards come with personalization (with the name of the client on it). That makes the client treat the postcard with more respect. Moreover, postcards have a simplified design and there are no pages to turn.


In addition to that, materials like banners, billboards, and posters can create a greater influence on the client. So, get your printing work done through a professional printer and yield the best results.


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