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Bulk Mail (Direct Mail) Marketing

Direct mailing (or mailing) can be an old-school marketing method but its effectiveness is still prevailing. Orange County mailing is the process of sending different types of offers and promotions through regular mail system to existing or new consumers of a product or service. In general, OC mailing campaign would include a convincing sales letter, a well-designed professional brochure and an order form. However, this combination might differ depending on the preference and the approach of the company. All that stuff will be put in a prepaid envelop and sent to the target audience. Generally, a Costa Mesa mailing campaign will deliver plenty of benefits which are mentioned below.

It is a targeted marketing approach

In general, direct Irvine mailing campaigns are known to be a perfectly targeted marketing campaign. As a business, you can acquire list of highly potential clients (there are various reliable sources to acquire such mailing list). When you send a well-planned, convincing direct mail to a highly potential client, the chances for sales generation are greater.

They deliver measurable results

Measuring the results delivered by Newport Beach mailing campaigns is extremely easy compared to many other marketing strategies. To make the results more measurable, you can consider including a coupon (probably with a discount or any other sort of attractive offer) in the direct mailing campaign. The coupon also should contain an expiry date so you can get a precise idea about the conversion rate with a time frame. The customer should return the coupon to your store in order to validate the discount so measuring the returned coupons out of the rest is pretty convenient.

They offer personalized experience

It is true that social media and other digital marketing campaigns can reach a massive audience at once with very less effort. However, they hardly have a personalized approach. When it comes to mailing, however, the personalized feeling they deliver is very convincing and encouraging. Think about yourself. When a direct mail is received, it is hard to ignore it without opening it.  There is a significant difference between the feeling of seeing a Facebook post and getting a mail directly addressed to your name, isn’t it?

Better conversion rate

If you get the assistance of a professional printing service, getting a nice brochure printed is neither difficult nor expensive. All you need is to get the brochure designed perfectly with nice color combination that highlights the products and benefits. In addition to that, the companies that undertake mailing campaigns do it at a pretty affordable price. Some of the companies even tend to offer test mail campaign to get a glimpse about the final results. Eventually, when the results are delivered, the conversion rate will be high.

Besides, direct mailing campaigns are pretty flexible. As the business, you can decide on the number of mails, frequency and the exact time to send the mails. You can increase or decrease the numbers as you go on. So, a direct mailing campaign must be a part of your marketing campaign even we live in the digital age.

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