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Personalized Marketing

Variable Marketing with Personal Touch

Individualized printing integrates advanced print technologies to provide totally customized marketing that's distinct. You can put your target's name, address, age, hair shade - anything you understand about them - right into the text of a published item. That customized item can be a postcard, poster, note card, envelope, pamphlet, dollar slip, leaflet, brochure as well as even more.

Transforming out addresses as well as names is child's play; Minuteman Press can go much even more. Variable Data Printing is the technology we use that enables you to alter history images, colors, art work and also message based on various triggers. Publish a different image on your offer for various kinds of consumers. Send birthday cards individualized for every month of the year. Add brand-new copy for clients that have actually been loyal followers.

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Information Printing or VDP is a technique of printing that uses software to alter the output of a digital printing press to personalize each published item with one-of-a-kind information from a spread sheet or data source. It is frequently made use of for addressing however is currently regularly made use of to personalize graphics, message or the entire marketing message so it's even more pertinent to the private obtaining it. This targeted technique has shown to be more effective than common advertising and marketing.

Improve your normal 1–2% direct mail response rate by using variable data. We can customize your direct mail pieces specifically for each individual in your audience. This personalized one-to-one marketing approach helps you break through the clutter and appeal to each customer as an individual, which has been proven to boost response rates. Let us help you touch your customers by personalizing a variable data mail piece precisely for them. You can use variable data printing on postcards, brochures, flyers and almost any other printed product. We are a full-service digital printer in Irvine.

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Variable Data

Work with us for the right creative design and production technique for variable data printing that hits its target.